35 runners will lace up their sneakers on September 26th to participate in The Crescendo Project at Riverside Park

The Crescendo Project is an automated praise-singing machine that is triggered at the completion of a race when a runner crosses the finish line and it sings his/her name to the melody of Handel’s Hallelujah. My goal is to provide an enhanced race experience highlighting spirituality and running under the guise of art. This project will orchestrate the visual spectacle of a race in a musical form, praising the runner as he/she crosses the finish line.

About the Artist:

Laura Nova uses a wide variety of media to explore concepts of public and private behavior and absurd moments of modern existence. She is interested in the way that environment can become a stage for social interaction. Although The Crescendo Project is her first large scale public interactive artwork, she has developed outdoor projects including billboard signage and sculptural interventions. Nova holds an M.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in sculpture and art & technology and a B.F.A. and B.A. in art and history from Cornell University.

About the project:

In the crescendo project, the finish line marks the cathartic moment when an athlete completes a running race. I connect my daily running ritual to aspects of meditation and prayer and use this experience to inspire the development of this project. I want to make the finish line recognize the runner by singing his/her name in praise to the melody of “Hallelujah” from Handel’s Messiah. The climactic finale produces a musical crescendo when runners complete the race. "Listening to sweet music in a perfect rapture"- Charles Dickens

Athletes typically wear timing chips on their sneakers that record their time as they pass over electronic mats during races. As part of this project, runners will not only record their time, they will also trigger melodic exaltation over the public address system when they cross the finish line. This race produces a musical score arranged according to the finishing times of the runners. Imagine the sound of your name singing along to the chorus of hallelujah or in unison with other names of runners who are crossing the line just steps ahead of you or behind. This audio spectacle and emotional release will connect the spectators and runners in the public forum.

Click to play Hallelujah

RACE FOR THE KIDS www.raceforthekids.org

Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 10:00am

Riverside Park at 72nd Street, 4K Run/Walk.

Participate in The Crescendo Project as a runner or a spectator at the 5th Annual Big Brother Big Sisters of New York City RBC Race for the Kids-part of Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play. Come celebrate the power of mentoring and the strength of community while promoting the importance of health, exercise and art.

Contact: laura {at} lauranova.com

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Getting to the race:

This project is funded by The Fund for Creative Communities and the Manhattan Community Arts Fund Grant. Special thanks to the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Harvestworks and The Achilles Track Club.